About Us

Who We Are

Kinder Fluff is your top-of-the-line provider of quality toddler products launched in 2014. We believe in bringing to you and your little loved ones products that are safe, reliable, and affordable. With our outputs rolled out in Amazon and EBay, along with possible contracts pending on big box retail stores, it has been so far, an exciting time for the Kinder Fluff family.

We never limit ourselves to what’s already possible. Part of the secret to our growth is our relentless commitment to exceeding customer expectations and set the industry standards. At Kinder Fluff, there is no limit to every wild possibility and YOU are our top priority.

What We Do

Aiming to take the hassle out of making purchases so you can instead dedicate your time to things that matter more, we offer online services through the convenience of ecommerce. Here, you just click and wait, less the anxiety of getting a product that is commensurate of your hard-earned dollars.

Kinder Fluff is available 24/7. Our shipping services are also flexible, though they are subject to respective policies of the carriers.

Should you have any questions about us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@kinderfluff.com or use our online form you can find on the side of this page.

Contact details

Inquiries: info@kinderfluff.com
Retail & Bulk Orders: business@kinderfluff.com
Media Friends: press@kinderfluff.com

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