Sun Shades

Say goodbye to bulky window cling film and plastic suction cups! Kinder Fluff has come up with an innovative solution for your car window shade needs.

What makes Kinder Fluff Sun Shades the Best Sun Shade Deal You Can Find?

  • It has bigger size, which means bigger coverage and more sun protection for you and your kids
  • Its static cling feature makes it easy to stick to any surface area for easy adjustment and easy repositioning
  • Easily folds and comes with a carry-around pouch for rounded portability
  • Boasts of 80 GSM rating compared to the 55 GSM offered by other brands which makes it the most effective in blocking harmful UV rays. That is the HIGHEST you can find anywhere!

Kinder Fluff Car Sunshades are specially designed to fold into a small size that can fit inside any handbag for carry along and ready to use sun protection. Each shade is composed of 2 layers. One static cling side and one protective mesh side that blocks 98% of the UV rays. It boasts of a UPF30+ Sun Protection that serves yours and your kid’s skin defense needs.

They come in a larger size (20”x12”) than most sunshades offering bigger coverage and better sun protection for children, pets, adults and anyone bothered by the sun glare in the face and seeking UV protection.

A Premium Quality Storage Travel Pouch is included in each set containing 3 static cling car sun shades. Bigger size! Bigger quantity! What a Deal!

How to Use:

  •  STEP 1

    Wipe the window with a damp cloth.

  •  STEP 2

    Place the Baby Car Sun Shade with the static cling material on the window.

  •  STEP 3

    Apply pressure throughout the sun shade until it is firmly pressed to the window.

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    What others are saying

    • I have used suction cup shades, clip on shades ... you name it. I went looking for static cling shades and picked these because first of all the size. Bigger than all the other ones I found on the internet and secondly because I got 3 of them and everybody else was selling just 2. I have a couple of grand daughters now and we need to have shade when they are riding with us and these are perfect. Very well constructed and extremely easy to apply to my car windows. They block 98 percent of uv rays too. The only thing you can't do is operate the window when these are on but that is it. I am extremely happy with these and am going to get them as gifts very soon! I am so excited that I had to shoot a video of how to apply! These shades rock! Also, I forgot to add that the wrinkles smooth out after a day!  
      Bob F.Rank: 1808
    • My car’s windows are not tinted and hence there is always sunlight penetrating inside. We had a suction based car shade before whose suction worn out pretty quickly probably due to heat from windows. This is why I was happy to received these car sun shades in exchange for a honest review. This car sun shade here is a suction free cling based sun shade. This means there is no suction cups or anything, it just clings to your car’s windows. Quite innovative I should say. What you get in the package are 3 pieces of sun shades for 3 of your windows. They are of size 20 inch by 12 inch. We know that most car windows span more horizontally and hence it is good that these are not square and instead sort of a rectangle. It also comes with a pouch to store them when not in use. They can be easily folded or expanded.One side of this sun shade is a cling type material due to which it easily clings to the car windows.The other side has a protective mesh which claims to block upto 97% harmful UV Rays. Remember that you cannot turn down your windows when you are using these, which is expected. I received this product in exchange of a honest review.
      RaksRank: 766
    • Works well, clings well... have been having this for about 2 months and I have no complaints at all! Strongly recommended!
      Brendan Gan
    • So your child can still take these off the window. If you are looking for one they can't pull off good luck, I don't think that exists. I love that these stick on and stay on, as long as little fingers don't pull them off. There are no suction cups, which is great no small pieces to end up in mouths. They were fast and prompt shipping. Great service. They are large and fit well in our windows we have a Toyota Prius V. I am very happy with them.
    • Protected our son perfectly for a 5 hour drive to Las Vegas. Great price, great product, great customer service!
    • Rarely write reviews, but had to for this one. I was pretty skeptical with the price and again when I opened it up out of the little bag it comes in. But, it literally took me less than a minute to put all 3 up. That was a week ago and they show no sign of moving. Very happy.
    • I've been overly sensitive to the glare of the sun ever since I experienced severe vertigo for 2 months last year. I'm 63 and dislike sunglasses because I feel like they decrease my vision. These window shades are the answer! I came across these window shades and compared many products. I thought the price was excellent for 3 shades and the many excellent reviews helped make my decision to buy. I'm very happy with this product. I have a Lexus SUV and I read the directions and then didn't follow them. I didn't clean or wipe the window first (but I have no kids in my car!) and simply threw the shade on the window and ran my hand down it and it stayed in place perfectly. It really didn't even need that smoothing action of my hand to stay in place. It worked great and I'm very happy. I laughed when I read some reviews saying you have to remove the shade prior to lowering a window. Well of course you do! That goes without saying. So on the first day of use when I returned home from the gym and I wanted to dry my gym towel on the back of the seat, I rolled the window down to give the towel some air. Then I heard the horrible crunching sound and I immediately stopped the window and rolled it back up and the shade was in perfect condition even if had had been jammed down into the area where the window goes (there must be a technical term for that area!). I still haven't folded any of the shades back into the holder and I see no reason to because it's usually always sunny here - except for the first 2 days after I received the shades when it wasn't sunny or bright at all! I just thought of a brilliant use for this product that I haven't seen mentioned. We take many cruises and trips and many involve bus tours and some of those bus trips take a few hours with the sun shining in the window. If you close the curtains on a tour bus, you lose the scenery and make others around you unhappy because you've eliminated their views too. If you take one of these shades in the handy case, there's the solution! You can block the hot sun glare and still be able to enjoy the scenery.
      Mary MacRank: 4280
    • I was a little iffy about these at first after reading some of the negative reviews. but I got them in the mail the other day, installed them (which was a BREEZE) they seriously just cling to the window. And they do a great job of keeping the sun out my 6 month old daughter's face. I would recommend this product.
    • We bought this shades because our baby is super sensitive to the sun. Every time the sun gets on her eyes she gets super upset and starts crying. So you can imagine how difficult it was to drive around in the car in Texas. We needed something that could help reduce the amount of light she got in her face, but that at the same time would allow her to see through the window. This was a great purchase! The pack includes 3 large shades that can be installed in any window and any direction. We were even able to install 2 shades in one window to cover the entire window, and avoid any sun getting to our baby's face. The shades have a clear plastic on one side that sticks to any glass super easy; you just need to place it on the window and that is all. I was very surprised with how easy this idea is, and how effective it is. I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review. It comes in a small pouch so you can put them away fast and easy when you are not using them, and re-use them any time. I am actually very happy with the product.
      Lorenza Alatorre, Texas MomRank: 668,051

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How do these perform in cold weather conditions?

    A: They work just as well in normal weather.

    Q: What does GSM mean?

    A: GSM means grams per square metre and is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric and the higher the GSM, the higher the sun protection it provides because of the finer holes between the weave that allows lesser amount of sun rays through

    Q: How much protection does Kinder Fluff's sun shades provide?

    A: Our sun shades are made of GSM 80 fabric, the highest you can find anywhere. That translates to UPF 30 of protection, just the right amount to reduce glare that reaches your car’s interior and give you the right illumination during very sunny conditions

    Q: My sunshade was crumpled when I opened it. Is that normal?

    A: Yes it’s normal as part of the static material’s nature to get slightly crumpled when folded. But don’t worry! It will unfold shortly after you place it on the window as instructed.

    Q: Can using this sunshade alone provide enough sun protection for my new born child?

    A: The protective mesh blocks most of the harmful rays BUT as we all know small children and newborns have an extremely sensitive skin and we highly recommend using an additional sun protection for them (sunscreen, etc)