Toddler Pillowcase

Kids Love Some Extra Fun!

Placing pillowcase on your children’s pillow is the best way to add color in their lives. You are teaching them how to be creative even in just mere pillowcases. Childhood years are very crucial stages for development. Whatever you do or give to your child, they will remember until they get older. Teaching them how to be creative by purchasing a pillowcase that has a unique design will help nourish their artistic side.


Not Just a Pillowcase

Our pillowcase’s does not only boasts its unique design, it is also made of premium quality that will make you want to purchase more than one! Measuring 13”x 18”, our pillowcase bears the most suitable size for your child’s pillow. It is made of 100% cotton to provide your child the utmost comfort. To top it off, it is hypoallergenic and also filled with 100% premium synthetic polyester cluster fiber!

Why Does My Choice of Pillowcases Matter?

Pillowcases help protect your child from allergens which may be caused by the pillow being used. Not all pillows are safe for children and this is where pillowcases come handy. Our magnificent pillowcase is bacteria resistant and machine washable, which will make it easier for parents to keep their child 100% safe. Always make sure you have two pillowcases so that you have something to use while the other one is in the wash.

How Do We Choose the Best Toddler Pillowcase?

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    There are several things to consider when choosing the best pillowcase for your child. First is safety and material type proceeds. Evaluate whether your toddler is comfortable with his/her new pillowcase. The right environment can contribute to a more restful sleep for toddlers.


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    From a safety standpoint, you should look for pillowcases that are well sewn. It should have no loose threads that can accidentally catch your child’s fingers. Any embellishments should be firmly attached, perhaps embroidered or printed into the fabric with nontoxic fabric dye. Embellishments such as sequins, beads and glitter should be avoided as they can be choking hazards. The fabric should also be breathable to minimize any risk of suffocation. One of the most common materials to use for pillowcases is cotton, which is gentle, absorbent and tends to stay cool. Best for warmer environments.


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    Our original and hypoallergenic high quality toddler pillowcases are made with 100% polyester cluster fiber (ears and tail) and covered by 100% high quality cotton. It also comes with detachable push buttons on the ears for easy wash and care. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, it is the perfect pillow cover to use in a toddler beds, kid beds and as bedding sets together with Kinder Fluff Toddler Pillow

  • Our original and hypoallergenic high quality toddler pillowcases are made with 100% polyester cluster fiber (ears and tail) and covered by 100% high quality cotton. It also comes with detachable push buttons on the ears for easy wash and care. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, it is the perfect pillow cover to use in a toddler bed, kids beds and as bedding sets together with Kinder Fluff Toddler Pillow.


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    What others are saying

    • We think this blue bunny pillow cover is one of the cutest. And it's got snaps to remove the ears if needed which is a cool feature. The bunny face is nicely embroidered on the upper corner. This pillow is the perfect size to put inside the envelope style opening to fluff it up- Toddler Pillow-No Pillow Case Needed-High Thread Count-Machine Washable-Chiropractor Recommended-Hypoallergenic-13x18, Made in USA. You can see both the bunny pillow case cover and the pillow I linked on the video. Amazon disclosure: I received this item free. l reviewed it with the same objectivity I apply to items purchased at full price. All words and any photos/video here reflect my own opinion and experience.
      Some Sweet Girl- could be Wonder Woman!Rank: 658
    • I bought this for my son because I had previously purchased a toddler size pillow that was size 9x13 and this fits my son's pillow perfectly. The design is very cute and appealing to my son. He carries this pillow around everywhere he goes around the house now! I would highly recommend this to any parent of a toddler and hope that this pillow case comes out in many more different designs!
      Daniela Cullari-HillRank: 19,619
    • My daughter loves her toddler pillow so I wanted to find a nice pillow case that would protect it and would be decorative for her room. When I came across this design, I was sure she would like it and she does! She loves to carry it from the ears and hugs it nonstop when she's sleepy. The details are super cute on this pillowcase. Both the ears and tail snap on or off which is incredibly convenient for washing. The stitching is done well and the material used seems like good quality. I did not find any loose stitching that would attract my toddler to unravel anything. I do believe it will hold up to washing and all the wear and tear my toddler will do to it. Additionally, it has the envelope closer, so I don't have to worry about my baby getting stuck in a pillow case or taking it off like she's done with others in the past. I received a discount on the purchase of this toddler pillow case in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
    • This pillowcase is very cute. I got the pink color for my daughter and she loved it. It’s her new sleeping buddy, she loves hugging and wrestle with it. My daughter is fond of bunnies, she was very happy when I hand it to her, I was planning to give it on her birthday but I was too excited and I can’t wait to see her reaction. I like it for its cotton material , soft , hypoallergenic , absorbent and comfortable , it has a detachable ears which my daughter loves to play with it. Nicely stitch and it seems it will last longer. I am pleased with the material, quality and simple design. Great for toddlers to keep them company at night.
      DISCLAIMER : I received the item for a discounted to provide unbiased opinion.Everything written in here were my own , I have used the product and provide my honest judgement based on its quality and usage.
      Aysa DulaRank: 14,603
    • This toddler pillow is the CUTEST pillow I've ever seen! Aside from how cute it is, it's also made really well! It's an nice thin material and the embroidered face is perfect and absolutely adorable! Very well done and high quality! I like how the ears can pop on and off so they're not in the way or if you want it to be less bulky (like if you're traveling) The tail does not come off however you can either tuck it behind the pillow, have it resting on the pillow, or have it lying above the pillow) The snaps for the ears are not too easy or too hard to snap and unsnap. The snaps are made of plastic however they're not sharp, they're nicely smooth and rounded. If I could change two things about this pillow case it would be to make the tail removeable like the ears, as well as making the closure for the pillowcase a zipper instead of just a flap. I also like how you can just toss it into the washer and the dryer (as long as it's not too hot) so it's a quick easy wash dry ready for use again once it gets dirty! My three year old sister LOVES it! It's adorable! I'd recommend it to anyone who has little ones! ***I did receive this item at a discounted in exchange for my honest review, which I did leave above***
      Nikki SchoutenRank: 28,515
    • This will make your child LOVE their pillow as they do with stuffed toys. It fits the pillow which is also kinder fluff well. My picky 19 months old fell instantly in love with the pillow. It's super super cute and absolutely adorable. Love it! Received this at a discount in exchange for honest review
    • Tried to get my toddler to abandon her Minnie Mouse fleece pillow that had no pillow case....and this did the trick! She loves it!
      K.T. Indy
    • Relaxes him at night. I am no doctor but I am a mom and I could assure you that my son’s sleep is really different with this pillowcase. I had bought a lot of pillowcases for my kid, but this is the only one that puts him to bed early. The design is also quite remarkable and the fabric feels soft to the touch. No wonder my son looks so calm relaxed in his sleep…
    • A Pet Pillow! My daughter always wanted a pet bunny but we aren’t sure if she could take care of one at such a young age. I saw this pillowcase on Amazon and immediately got it. My daughter was so happy seeing her pillow got a cute blue bunny pillowcase. She even said that it’ll be her pet pillow. I am glad that even though we weren’t able to give her a real bunny, the pillowcase was enough for her. This pillowcase did not only give my daughter comfort during sleep, but it also taught her independence. Kudos to this product!
      Thomas J Cummings
    • This pillow case is incredibly durable. After getting this for my daughter, she caught a really bad cold and I was washing it daily. After about 7 days’ worth of daily washing the pillowcase still looks brand new. I will be buying another for my youngest son. This is the first pillowcase my daughter will use and she loves that she could actually play with it like a plush toy.
      James A Gossard

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Do I need to remove the tails and ears every time I need to wash the pillow case?

    A: It is highly advisable for safe laundering and also to prevent losing these delicate and small pieces of details.

    Q: What material are the ears and tail made of?

    A: They are made of 100% premium hypoallergenic polyester fill

    Q: How do I properly wash it?

    A: Our Kinder Fluff pillowcase is machine-washable. Remove the ears and tail detail before washing.