Highest Quality

We take quality seriously because when it comes to your little one’s safety, there can be no compromise. Our pillows are dust mite free, and were manufactured through modern processes that do NOT include the infusion of or treatment with harmful chemicals. All pillows are stuffed with 100% premium synthetic polyester cluster fiber and covered by 100% quality cotton with a 240 thread count.

Quirky Naptime Buddy

A pillowcase is not just a pillowcase in a toddler’s bedroom. It is a familiar companion, a security item that they will always cherish. Make it more memorable with the Kinder Fluff signature bedtime buddy pillowcases of only the best quality.

Fit for Any Car

These top-quality sun shades are perfect to travel around with the kiddies. For baby shower gifts too! It provides a UPF 30+ Sun Protection for optimum skin defense. One side is made of a premium static cling material while the other effectively provides a mesh that blocks up to 98% of damaging UV rays. Its light weight frame is specially designed for easy application and repositioning.

Kinder Fluff works tirelessly to bring you a diverse collection of baby products that are safe, durable, and budget-friendly. In line with this, we would be very glad to know what you think about our Kinder Fluff collection. Please feel free to contact us for your suggestions, concerns, and comments.